About Us

About Us

Comprehensive Textile Solutions for Global Markets

Oasis Tex was established in 2005 with the ambition to be responsible for buying agency services to international customers for the procurement of textile products from Pakistan as well as in international market. We believe to encourage innovation, value long–term development of talents and provide services as professionals.

The world is fast becoming a smaller place, communicating to the remotes parts of the world is now possible with a simple click of a mouse. Accessibility to global resource is now essential to the survival of every business. We manage the sourcing requirements of our clients by introducing them industry best suppliers, managing competitive prices and assuring quality and last but not least timely deliveries.

Director's message

Thank you for taking time to review profile of OASISTEX was established in 2005 As I served in textile sector more than 25 years therefore, wanted to provide a platform where ultimate objective has to be satisfaction. Although, its not an easy slogan but I believe when you committed with this approach and sincere with objective then it will just need honest commitment to make it possible. People, think resource are always something concrete but I disagree somehow with this and believe the best resource is your mind and approach.


During my career one thing found common that people claim they are doing marketing but I disagree with very solid reasoning that most of them are engaged with assignment of selling and Merchandising where ultimate objective is just to sell without knowing final liquidation of that product and perception. Its only because all are claiming to provide quality but don’t distinguish quality is a product with specific expectations. So I tried to match those expectations not quality.


Believe expectations are something linked with end user perception if its up to mark then you done job perfectly. I believe business with obligation of three “S’ SENSING, SERVICING and SATISFYEING. As long as three “S” are being followed your co objectives are being followed.

Mansoor Ahmad Khan

I am proud to announce that OASISTEX is following all those measures where ultimate Goal that is “SATISAFCTION” can be achieved.

I am thankful to all my customers who trusted us and provided opportunity to serve them. Years associations shows trust and satisfaction with us. I do believe, challenges are increasing nationally and globally but continuous improvement in our workings are key success and am committed and following the same with more determinations.


Mansoor Ahmad Khan